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How do I subscribe?

We offer a complimentary trial, which you can arrange by clicking here, or by contacting us by phone or email. When your trial ends, we offer annual subscriptions, paid in advance.

Our products are available individually, so you can choose those which best fit your needs.

Do I have access to your economists?

Our economists are available to paid subscribers by phone, email or Bloomberg. If you'd like an individual conference call, please contact your account representative.

How do you deliver your research?

Our Daily and Weekly Notes and delivered by email in PDF format. Our Snapshots are email-based, delivered moments after major U.S. data releases and market-moving events.

How many readers are covered by a subscription?

Our subscriptions are on a physical site license basis, so everyone working for the business entity which has subscribed, at the same address, can receive our research at no extra cost. We do not allow our research to be forwarded to other business entities or other physical sites.

Please be sure to review our terms and conditions for subscriptions to High Frequency's products.

Are your economists available to speak at conferences or client events?

This depends on the nature and location of the event, and our economists’ schedules. Please contact your account representative, or send an email to info@hifreqecon.com.