HFE Webinar: Coronavirus crisis

Join us for our next coronavirus webinar.  This will be an interesting… and perhaps terrifying discussion.


Coronavirus Containment:
Worse Than Coronavirus Itself?


Carl Weinberg & Rubeela Farooqi


Thursday, March 19, at 10:30 EDT (15:30 GMT/16:30 CET)

China’s economic figures for January and February show a setback of catastrophic proportions—a decline in output, consumer spending and investment big enough to break established businesses. If “lockdown to protect public health” caused 20%-plus contractions of economic activity in China, will they have the same impact on the world’s largest advanced industrial economies?

Join HFE’s Chief Economist Carl Weinberg and Chief U.S. Economist Rubeela Farooqi for another candid discussion about the economic impact of the effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak.


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