Webinar: Clouds On The Horizon Or Just A Passing Fog?

Carl Weinberg and Jim O'Sullivan evaluate the darkening outlook for the global economy in 2019.
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Sometimes, you need a better plan

If the BoJ's QQME with YCC were going to do something, it would have happened—or at least, begun—by now.

Carl Weinberg, Jim O'Sullivan

Upcoming events: January

Coming up: Global webinar on the 2019 outlook and UK roadshow.
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High Frequency Economics - Brexit

Ya gotta have a forecast

Without a forecast, the Bank of England is without a clue about whether there will be inflation on March 29, or thereafter.

Webinar: U.S. Economy — Too hot or too cold? (Replay)

Is it too late for the Fed to achieve a soft landing for the U.S. economy?

How Insensitive!

Euro Zone banks are not to responding to the ECB's generous boost to liquidity by increasing their lending.

Japan-style death spiral for China?

Will similarities with Japan’s banking practices of the 1970s and 1980s be the death knell for China's economy?

Two tales of credit woe

The monetary data from Japan and Britain suggest that there is core weakness in the underlying economy.

Too late for a soft landing?

We can see the meaningful risk of a recession starting as soon as 2020.

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