Webinar: Post-pandemic reconstruction

We know that the economies of the world are suffering from a resurgence Covid cases and new lockdowns to contain the spread.  So why are the economic data generally pointing to a continuing rebound,  not a new crash of output, employment and spending?  What lies ahead in the new year, as the world’s economies attempt

High Frequency Economics - Brexit

A catastrophic reorganization of Britain’s economy

Britain’s economy is ill positioned to endure the incremental shock of a “hard” departure from the EU trade zone.  It was sliding into recession before the pandemic hit

Webinar: Europe on the Brink

Join us for no-holds-barred conversation with Chief Economist Carl Weinberg on the prospects for Britain and Europe as uncertainty and risk compound in the final months of the year.

Webinar: The Great Rebound — Vulnerable?

A no-holds-barred assessment of the economic depression, the rebound from the apparent nadir so far and prospects for the recent expansion to become self-sustaining as policy support for incomes and demand fades.

Webinar: Two-speed recovery?

If the global economy reached the point of maximum compression in April, what comes next?

Coronavirus: A statistician’s nightmare

Sampling errors related to coronavirus containment policies likely mean the economy has been hit harder that the data suggest.

The fiscal cliff, global edition

If the economies of the world undertake $6 trillion in deficit spending for fiscal stimulus this year, what happens next year, if the stimulus is not renewed or increased?

U.S. employment report: The good, the bad and the ugly

While the May bounce in payrolls was welcome, it barely made a dent in the road to job recovery.

HFE Webinar: Maximum Compression?

The global economy likely passed the point of maximum compression in April. Carl Weinberg and Rubeela Farooqi discuss prospects for recovery from the coronavirus-induced depression.

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