Webinar: Brexit at the wire

Carl Weinberg


Carl Weinberg


October 18, 2018, at 10:30 EDT (15:30 BST/16:30 CEST)


Brexit at the wire: how a no-deal outcome will affect both sides of the Channel
– Carl Weinberg

With just 23 weeks to go, a hard Brexit is the default scenario.

On October 18, EU leaders are meant to initialize a final “deal” with Britain on divorce terms, a transition period into Brexit and post-Brexit relations, including a trade treaty. As it looks right now, they will have nothing to discuss, debate or initial.

On that same date, HFE’s Chief International Economist Carl B. Weinberg will hold a webinar with clients to discuss the hard facts of a “no-deal” Brexit. It is time for market participants to adopt the most compelling theories of what a hard Brexit means for both sides of the Channel, starting with the macroeconomics of the matter and moving on to trade and industry considerations… especially for financial services.

The conversation will also delve into the recent dark clouds over the European and British economies. The negative forces affecting these economies—banking troubles and credit growth, the Turkish crisis and Italian budget—would be pulling them into an economic stall or downturn, even without Brexit.

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