For over 25 years, investment professionals have relied on High Frequency Economics for singular economic insights.

Sophisticated investors understand that truly meaningful economic insights are formed by uniquely experienced professionals analyzing superior information—and there is no substitute for a one-on-one conversation with a trusted, seasoned expert.

That’s why for more than 25 years, the world’s top financial institutions have relied on High Frequency Economics.

Carl Weinberg and Jim O’Sullivan—two of the industry’s most renowned and respected economists—draw on decades of first-hand capital markets experience and a global network of relationships to develop unbiased, provocative analysis designed to improve institutions’ business and investment decision making.

Our clients enjoy direct interaction with Carl and Jim, receiving a continuous stream of in-depth, independent and provocative analysis of the global economy and financial markets.

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China: Is 6.9% GDP growth fast enough?

China's GDP growth picked up to 6.9% in Q4 from 6.7% in Q3. That is surely better, but is it good enough? And what does it mean for investors?

Webinar: U.S. Expansion—Getting Better With Age Or Overly Stimulated?

When should we start worrying about recession risks? What should we be watching?  Jim O'Sullivan will have the answers.

O’Sullivan picks up third consecutive Forecaster of the Month win

Jim O'Sullivan just won his seventh consecutive Forecaster of the Year honor. Now MarketWatch has named him Forecaster of the Month for the third time in a row and the twentieth time overall.
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