Webinar: Two-lane global rebound—without inflation?

As the world anticipates a post-pandemic recovery, questions abound concerning the risks of aggressive monetary and fiscal policy and the potential for inflation in the year ahead.


Tuesday, February 9, at 10:30 EST (15:30 GMT/16:30 CET)


Carl Weinberg & Rubeela Farooqi


Two-Lane Global Economic Rebound:
Can It Happen Without Inflation?

  • Should governments go big with fiscal stimulus? How big is too big?  Is there a fiscal cliff in our future?
  • Are inflation risks heightened when fiscal deficits are paired with massive creation of money by central banks?
  • What should central banks be doing, anyway? Can monetary policy save the global economy?
  • Can trade wick away excess demand in fast-growing, open economies?
  • What does a two-lane economic expansion of the global economy—with the United States and China in the fast lane, and Europe, Britain and Canada in the slow lane—mean for trade and balance of payments changes?
  • How will the world’s two largest economies—the United States and China—deal with each to ensure global prosperity?

Please join our chief economists for a one-hour deep dive into all of these questions, and more!


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