HFE turns 30!

March 14, 2018, marks the thirtieth anniversary of High Frequency Economics’ first edition of Notes on the Global Economy, authored by Carl Weinberg.

Key topics in that edition included the hawkishness of West Germany’s Bundesbank, an overheating economy in Japan and the mysteries of the Thatcher government’s monetary policy priorities:

  • West Germany:  “Experience suggests that Buba will sacrifice domestic growth to attain monetary stability.”
  • Japan: “The tactic of continuously raising monetary targets so they will never be exceeded has fooled no one into believing that the BoJ is not concerned with monetary growth in the double digits.”
  • United Kingdom:  “Friday’s money reports will be outweighed by the euphoria expected following the budget speech on Tuesday. By next week, however, the effect of another enormous increase in the monetary base will have worked its way around the markets, and fears of inflation could be rekindled.”

In HFE’s 30 years, we have seen the fall of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany, the creation of the euro and its Zone, the rise of China, the Asia debt crisis, the dotcom bubble, and of course the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

A lot has changed in the global economy in the last 30 years, but HFE’s commitment to providing top-notch independent economic research has not.  Happy birthday, HFE!

Click here to download the first edition of Global Notes.