Webinar: Fed to the rescue — whether needed or not?

Jim O'SullivanFed officials have encouraged expectations for significant easing of monetary policy.  The dovishness is due in part to increased concern about inflation being too low, but officials also appear to be very worried about trade-related weakening in growth.  They appear more worried than equity market investors, however, as the S&P 500 just reached a new all-time high. Nor are the latest economic data suggesting much weakening outside of the export-oriented manufacturing sector.  The economy-wide jobless claims series continues to signal strength.

Is the Fed being prescient or panicky?  Is the president’s constant criticism playing a role?  Is an “ounce of prevention” really worth “a pound of cure”?

Against that backdrop, we have plenty to discuss on our U.S.-focused webinar, with Jim O’Sullivan.


June 26, 2019, at 10:00 EDT


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