Webinar: Post-pandemic reconstruction

We know that the economies of the world are suffering from a resurgence Covid cases and new lockdowns to contain the spread.  So why are the economic data generally pointing to a continuing rebound,  not a new crash of output, employment and spending?  What lies ahead in the new year, as the world’s economies attempt to recover from a year-long pandemic?  


Wednesday, December 9, at 10:30 EST (15:30 GMT/16:30 CET)


Carl Weinberg & Rubeela Farooqi

Pandemic Reconstruction: The Next Big Thing

A vaccine may be on its way, but that does not mean the global economy will quickly—or easily—snap back to levels of activity reminiscent of the pre-pandemic world.  Even when restrictions are lifted and workers and consumers feel safe to get back to working and shopping as usual, businesses that failed during the pandemic will not suddenly spring back to life.  After a short-term consumption binge, long-term unemployment among millions of low-skill, low-wage workers will drag on growth prospects.

One way or another, policies will have to be devised to revive businesses that were viable pre-pandemic but that failed for loss of revenues and liquidity during the pandemic.  Bulging public sector debt and deficits will have to be reeled in.

In our webinar, we will discuss signposts and pitfalls to look for in the year ahead, as the global economy struggles to rebound, and eventually recover, from the pandemic.  A question and answer session will follow the discussion.


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