Webinar: Global Slowdown – Blossoming Or All But Done?

Carl Weinberg


Carl Weinberg


March 7, 2019, at 10:30 EST (15:30 GMT/16:30 CET)


Slowdown In Advanced Economies: Blossoming Or All But Done? – Carl Weinberg


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HFE has been tracking the decay in hard economic indicators for the major advanced economies for a year now. Markets are finally peering through the smokescreen put up by untested PMIs to see that economic growth has truly paused in the Euro Zone, Britain and Japan. Australia and Canada seem to be slowing, while China is growing at a steady but slow pace. World trade has stopped growing, too. Optimists say this rough patch will not last long, but the early data show no sign of recovery in the early months of 2019.

Join HFE’s Chief International Economist Carl Weinberg for a frank discussion of how bad the economic situation really is, the prospects for a quick recovery, the available policy options – if any – and what it may mean for financial markets.

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