Webinar: Global headwinds—reversing or converging?

Meet the newest member of High Frequency Economics' team, Rubeela Farooqi, in our final webinar of 2019!

Rubeela Farooqi joins HFE as Chief U.S. Economist

High Frequency Economics is pleased to announced Rubeela Farooqi as our new Chief U.S. Economist. John Silvia is also joining the firm as advisor and research contributor.
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The 7 best bond funds for retirement savers in 2020

According to Carl Weinberg, a bond with a negative yield is worth less than "a bag of dirt in your basement."
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China says tariffs will come down if trade deal reached with U.S.

Carl Weinberg warns not to celebrate a U.S.-China trade deal until one is actually signed and sealed.
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Things aren’t looking great for China’s economy

“It seems to us that in a world where average GDP growth is barely over 3%, China’s growth rate of 6% is not too shabby,” says Carl Weinberg.
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How do you fix the inflation problem in Argentina?

Tom Keene seeks "Foundational Weinberg Analysis" on Argentina's debt crisis.
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The trade war playbook

Carl Weinberg shares some of his insights on the U.S.-China trade war with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Surveillance.
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Tariffs, jobs and debt, oh my

The already high likelihood of a September Fed easing as risen further, says Jim O'Sullivan.
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U.S. labor market stayed on track in July

Despite deepening drag from trade, the U.S. economy is still growing solidly, concludes Jim O'Sullivan.
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The markets are overreacting to trade fears

Jim O'Sullivan discusses the latest round of U.S. tariffs against China.
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Currency traders like the improved odds of a Brexit deal, and that has blinded them to the reality that the current account deficit is big enough to kill sterling no matter how Brexit works out.

From @cbweinberg : "We would rather put our faith in the tooth fairy than a meaningful economic recovery in Japan."

Regardless of how the ADP numbers turn out tomorrow, we will be sticking to our forecast for a below-consensus 180K rise in payrolls in Friday’s report for November.

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