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Upcoming Events: February

Jim O'Sullivan will hold a targeted webinar with clients on Wednesday, February 21.
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China: Is 6.9% GDP growth fast enough?

China's GDP growth picked up to 6.9% in Q4 from 6.7% in Q3. That is surely better, but is it good enough? And what does it mean for investors?

Webinar: U.S. Expansion—Getting Better With Age Or Overly Stimulated?

When should we start worrying about recession risks? What should we be watching?  Jim O'Sullivan will have the answers.

U.S. bank lending has slowed… So what?

The relationship between growth in bank lending and growth in the economy is far from tight.

Growth is not a crime

Our bet is that the ECB will maintain accommodative monetary conditions into 2019 at least.

Jim O'Sullivan - High Frequency Economics

Q&A with Jim O’Sullivan on the U.S. inflation outlook

HFE's Chief U.S. Economist Jim O'Sullivan answers questions about the outlook for wages, inflation and Fed tightening this year and next.

Webinar: Davos as seen from New York (Replay)

What should the global economic glitterati be discussing at Davos? Our economists walk you through the most pressing issues facing the global economy and markets as 2018 begins.

High Frequency Economics - Brexit

Preparing for Brexit: A DIY model of supply-side shocks

What smart economists learned in the 1970s will serve the BoE well when it responds to Brexit shocks.

High Frequency Economics - Consumer Confidence Survey

U.S. survey data: cutting through the politics

Survey data in the United States are booming, but the U.S. economy is not. Jim O'Sullivan says the survey data have been distorted by increased partisanship in how respondents answer questions.

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