Webinar: Hoping For A Short And Shallow Rough Patch

The momentum of most advanced economies slowed in 2018, and that trajectory seems to be extending into early 2019. Join Carl Weinberg and Jim O'Sullivan for an assessment of the outlook.

Webinar: Global Slowdown – Blossoming Or All But Done?

Join Carl Weinberg for a discussion of the causes of the current global economic slowdown, the prospects for recovery and the implications for financial markets.


Fed Outlook: Unemployment Trajectory Still Key

The trajectory of the unemployment rate will be key to whether Fed tightening resumes.

Jim O'Sullivan - High Frequency Economics

Jim O’Sullivan: Forecaster of the Year for the 11th time!

"Tom Brady is the Jim O'Sullivan of football," says MarketWatch's Rex Nutting.  O'Sullivan won MarketWatch’s Forecaster of the Year award for 2018—his eight consecutive win and eleventh in the last 15 years.  
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Webinar: Clouds On The Horizon Or Just A Passing Fog?

Carl Weinberg and Jim O'Sullivan evaluate the darkening outlook for the global economy in 2019.
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Sometimes, you need a better plan

If the BoJ's QQME with YCC were going to do something, it would have happened—or at least, begun—by now.

Threading the monetary policy needle

U.S. employment growth is moderating, but not by enough to stop more Fed rate hikes in 2019.

Carl Weinberg, Jim O'Sullivan

Upcoming events: January

Coming up: Global webinar on the 2019 outlook and UK roadshow.
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High Frequency Economics - Brexit

Ya gotta have a forecast

Without a forecast, the Bank of England is without a clue about whether there will be inflation on March 29, or thereafter.

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