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Too late for a soft landing?

We can see the meaningful risk of a recession starting as soon as 2020.

Globally, industry has yet to recover

The problem with the recovery from the global financial crisis is not just lower growth rates, but still-depressed levels of activity.

Webinar: Brexit at the wire

Prepare for the worst, don’t just hope for the best.
Click here for info on our October 18 webinar.

HFE Global Webinar

Join us as Carl Weinberg and Jim O'Sullivan discuss the road ahead for the U.S. and global economies.

Fed likely to keep tightening

We continue to forecast no let-up from the Fed’s quarter-point-per-quarter tightening pace any time soon. 


Carl Weinberg for Citizens Bank

Carl Weinberg's presentation on China's economic outlook.

The meaning of negative interest rates

Yields on 10-year JGBs and Bunds are approaching zero.  But the meaning of near-negative interest rates is different in Japan than in Germany.

Sad day for the global economy

While the United States fights a futile trade war with China, the rest of the world loses.

Whose inflation forecast do you believe?

The ECB's plan for ending asset purchases hinges on a questionable CPI forecast.

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