Growth is not a crime

Our bet is that the ECB will maintain accommodative monetary conditions into 2019 at least.

High Frequency Economics - Consumer Confidence Survey

U.S. survey data: cutting through the politics

Survey data in the United States are booming, but the U.S. economy is not. Jim O’Sullivan says the survey data have been distorted by increased partisanship in how respondents answer questions.

When you can’t give money away…

Everything we know about economics suggests that everyone should want something if it does not cost anything. For most of us, however, that inclination is quick to pass, replaced by more pragmatic assessments.

What is a depression?

For us, the key distinction between a depression and a recession is that a recession is a cyclical contraction of the economy that is both self-correcting and repeating.

What is inflation?

The CPI rises every time there is inflation and falls when there is deflation, but every change in the CPI is not due to inflation or deflation.